Sherlock Sentinels Advisory Committee

The Sherlock Sentinels is an advisory committee consisting of individuals with disabilities, parents of those in the disability community and professionals in the disability field. The Sentinels meet six times a year to advise the Sherlock Center on activities, goals and its five-year plan.  

The Sherlock Center invites new members to join the Sentinels. If you are interested, contact Sentinels Facilitator Conor O’Brien for an application. All applicants will participate in an interview.  

The Sherlock Center will provide physical, language and material accommodations as needed. Members receive a stipend from the Sherlock Center for attending meetings and to help with transportation expenses.  

Learn more about the Sentinels

We are a Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC), which means we provide feedback to the Sherlock Center and its director, Dr. Amy Grattan. We always try to be a conduit for others while taking the pulse of the disability community.   

Our Sentinels are:

  • Tracy Allard
  • Tanja Blicker-Ucran
  • Tara Boulais
  • Rachel Ferreira
  • Vaibavi Gopal
  • Ryan Lucowicz
  • Sergio Modesto
  • Miny Ortiz
  • Tyler Pannozzi
  • Amber Perry
  • Heather Schey
  • Valerie Quagliata
  • Ondrea Robinson

We meet six times per year on the second Wednesday of every other month. Our meetings are hybrid; participants are welcome to join us in person at the Sherlock Center or virtually over Zoom.  

We are the voice of the disability community at the Sherlock Center. Our firsthand experience provides valuable insights about what the Center should prioritize and change to improve accessibility for our community. We bring diverse perspectives, ensuring the Center’s services and programs are inclusive and relevant to a broad range of people. We identify gaps in services, suggest new initiatives and help shape programs that address the specific needs of the disability community. We are the living embodiment of “Nothing About Us Without Us!” 

Conor O'Brien

Meet the Sherlock Sentinels Facilitator

Conor O’Brien is facilitator of the Paul V. Sherlock Center on Disability’s Consumer Advisory Committee, the Sherlock Sentinels. He joined the Sherlock Center in this role in March 2021 and said his organization skills, communication ability and vast experience in the disability community are assets in his work.