Community of Practice in Autism in Rhode Island

A community of practice (CoP) is a group of people who share a common interest in something they do, meet on a regular basis and seek to improve their practice (Wenger & Traynor, 2015). The goal of the CoP in Autism in Rhode Island is to bring diverse educators into a working relationship around a common interest in autism spectrum disorders to share information and improve practice.

A Zoom presentation screen for the Community of Practice in Autism's recent event, Listening to Autistic Adults: Strengths + Supports = Success!

The CoP meets three to four times a year and hosts a variety of speakers who have presented on topics such as inclusion, social skills instruction, improving outcomes and addressing challenging behavior. While the majority of group members are educators (teachers, related service providers, administrators, etc.), we also welcome individuals with disabilities, family members, community providers, clinicians, students and any other interested stakeholders.