A father wearing a red shirt holds and plays with his son, who is wearing  glasses and a blue shirt.

Our Mission

Membership for all in school, work and the community

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eight Sherlock Center research activities in fiscal year 2023


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Our Work

A young boy interacts with an early intervention specialist in a classroom.

Our Services and Projects

We partner with state and national agencies, schools, higher education and community providers to offer interdisciplinary pre-service and community education, technical assistance, service, research and information

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Keith Jones to discuss the foundation of a self-determined life

We are pleased to bring special guest Keith Jones to campus on Tuesday, April 30, for a meaningful discussion about the power of collaboration in enabling individuals with disabilities to make decisions about their lives.

Sherlock Center in Action

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Malcolm Streitfeld, a RIC undergraduate anthropology major and autistic self-advocate, speaks to a graduate class.
“You can absolutely go to college. You are far better than you think you are. You are extraordinary. It’s not a problem, it’s a superpower.”

Rhode Island College student Malcolm Streitfeld

on what he would tell neurodivergent students who think they can’t go to college.

Upcoming Events

Victoria Ferrara, M.A., coordinator, Access to Integrated Employment, will join us to talk about the Day and Employment Activities Survey, and Kathleen A. Sherlock, Esq., consultant, Sargent Rehabilitation Center’s Regional Resource Center, will discuss Supported Decision Making (SDM) and alternatives to guardianship.

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Presented by a certified work incentives counselor, sessions will be of value to individuals receiving SSI or anyone looking for a basic introduction to SSI disability-related work incentives.

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