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The Sherlock Center is committed to helping students with complex disabilities to participate in the general curriculum. As resources permit, the Sherlock Center creates adapted versions of popular literature for use by students, teachers and families. For questions, email Jennifer Carrier.

These resources are searchable in the fields below. You can search by keyword or title in the “Search All Adapted Literature and Lessons” box or you can search by resource type, format, grade level and/or file type. Items are listed alphabetically. 

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CVICortical Visual Impairment

These materials have a black background and are created for students with cortical visual impairments who need resources with minimal movement, reduced color complexity and images with minimal details.

VIVisual Impairment

These resources have a black background and are created for students with a visual impairment who need high-contrast, focused images that convey story concepts.


These stories or lessons are presented as simply-stated text with picture symbols.

GDExtended Literacy Guide

These materials provide ideas for using book-specific objects to help with learning and engagement of complex learners.


These materials present the book in simply-stated text with picture symbols in an interactive manner.

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